Is HGH The Right Hormone For You?

Your doctor has advised you to buy human growth hormone for your health. You know that the hormone ensures growth during childhood and it ensures tissue and organ maintenance.

Although you are going to buy HGH, you aren’t really convinced about the usefulness of the hormone. Should you really be giving a growing human a growth hormone? Don’t humans already have enough internal hormone required for growth? These are legitimate questions and you are completely right to ask them. Ideally, your doctor would have told you why he has prescribed HGH for you. But the reasoning is simple. You have been advised HGH as you have a HGH deficiency.

The Effects of HGH on the Human Body

HGH is secreted by the pituitary, a tiny peanut shaped gland located in the brain. As the name suggests, the hormone actually generates and controls growth during a human beings formative years. It increases muscle mass, bone density, organ formation, brain growth etc. At the same time, the hormone ensures that all these actions are coordinated and in complete sync with body development. As growth slows down, the amount of HGH secreted by the pituitary also decreases. In fact, a 20-year-old will secrete double the amount of HGH as compared to a 40-year-old. However, deficiencies do occur at any age and a simple GH blood test is more than sufficient to determine an HGH deficiency.

Current Controversy

Although HGH has been prescribed medically for several years, there has been a growing use of the hormone for off-label use. Off-label refers to the use of HGH for other-than-medical conditions and it is one of the most popular uses of the hormone in Hollywood. According to FDA reports, off-label use of growth hormone has resulted in a people using the hormone as an anti-aging medication. Hot-shot but aging stars like Sylvester Stallone, Oliver Stone and Nick Nolte regularly inject the hormone to enjoy it anti-aging properties. The hormone seems to tone muscles, reduce body fat, smooth and plump skin, improve mood and libido and provides an overwhelming feeling of vitality. In fact,at Sydney Airport, Stallone’s luggage was searched and an overwhelming 48 vials of HGH were seized by Customs. This was at a time when  Australia has tight regulations regarding the purchase, import, and personal use of HGH. Although Stallone was able to brush off the offense, it just opened up the eyes of Hollywood to the superior effects of HGH.

So Is It Dangerous?

Anything taken in excess is dangerous and HGH is no different. Although the hormone is extremely effective, it also comes with a ‘user-beware’ tag. HGH is a powerful hormone and individual doses are tightly calibrated to ensure results while reducing or controlling adverse effects. The human body requires only a tiny amount of HGH per day ( approximately 5 nanograms per milliliter) and your doctor will tell you the exact dose to use. Do not increase or decrease the dose arbitrarily. Consult your doctor immediately if you experience side effects like nerve, muscle, joint pain, body swelling, carpal tunnel syndrome, numb and tingling skin and elevated cholesterol levels. However, you should know that top US doctors like Dr Andre Berger and Dr Uzzi Reiss regularly prescribe the hormone as an anti-aging accessory to their high-profile patients.

Where Can I Find Human Growth Hormone For Sale?

Most medical pharmacies offer Hgh for sale. Please remember to take your doctor’s prescription with you to show the pharmacist as HGH is not an OTC medication. We also recommend that you buy your medication from a reliable pharmacist or medical website to ensure optimum results.